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Full Version: Japanese Skull Artist’s the effect work is amazing!
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It's just beautiful and a must see it! So this can be summed using this words.
Japanese artist, Sekisadamu He presents the possibility of his works in the under video.

It creates carbon in an unusual skull shape. Mr. Sekisadamu did not expect is that the demand for this product. He presented his products at the Wonder Festival in Chiba in Japan, where all his products were bought. Customers were fascinated by this gadget. He made a real show on Twitter. The artist published his works and gained a large retweet range 
Twitter profile -

The price, which is attractive less than $5, is very interesting. 
In return, we receive interesting products with an amazing appearance.  Your friends will definitely ask Where did you buy it?
haaaah! This is amazing. It This is ordinary charcoal for barbecue? An amazing effect, I think I will buy. shocking looks my friends!